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Design Academy Graduate Tom van Soest has invented a process for recycling waste construction materials into a new type of stone. Using an industrial blender, he grinds up glass, bricks, concrete and even entire sinks into a fine powder and then bakes the mix at a high temperature. The result is a new stone-like material that can be used to build with. Read the rest of this entry »

We love these leather rugs made by Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Lio de Bruin. Armed with the Encyclopadia of Crafts, Lio set about researching traditional leather and needlework techniques. For inspiration, she looked to the richness and simplicity of ethnic textiles and decorative objects. The result is a collection of three tactile carpets made from processed sheets of leather using three different needlework techniques.

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Although we didn’t make it to Dutch Design Week this year, we have been busy perusing the new graduates’ projects on the Design Academy Eindhoven website, and this little project by Roos Gomperts caught our eye. Roos believes that everyday plastic objects deserve more recognition, ’We’re used to hiding such things away in cupboards. I want to show that we don’t have to,’ she says. Her curious series of objects, combine plastic elements with neutral ceramics to highlight the plastics’ colourful appeal and elevate them from their lowly kitchen cupboard status. Read the rest of this entry »

Inspired by Norway’s traditional national dress, Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik has created a series of pure wool blankets that feature colourful chevron stripes.

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