Dewar Glassware by David Derksen is the Flask Vase, Flask Light and Dewar Light designed for Objects for Sale, an exhibit during Dutch Design Week 2012. The collection is the result of a continuing investigation into the beauty, form and manufacturing techniques found in scientific glassware.

Objects for Sale questioned how prices are determined and how they can better be communicated to the consumer by designing work within three price categories. A much needed look at attainable design by way of thorough examination of process.

Based on the manufacturing principles and the construction of the Dewar flask, Derksen designed the Dewar Light table lamp as a tribute to scientific glass ware. For the exhibition, two other lower priced products were designed. With the addition of specially designed rubber components, the beauty of existing thermos flasks are given a new function as the Flask Vase and Flask Light.


- J.Lin


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