There were a number of designers creating new composites from waste materials this year at Milan, and these ceramics made from porcelain waste by Kirstie van Noort are a great example of this trend. Part of a wider exhibition by Dutch Invertuals called Untouchables Retouched, Kirstie’s textured ceramics are the result of an investigation into the production process of porcelain.

The manufacture of immaculate white porcelain can be extremely damaging to the environment. For every kilo of porcelain there are six kilos of waste, and the damage caused by china clay mining on the landscape is permanent.

For this series, Kirstie decided to work with the waste material, which contains a lot of minerals and quartz. The pieces celebrate the colour, texture and structure of this forgotten waste material. Each piece is made using six parts waste to one part porcelain clay, hence the name, 6:1.

- A.Morris

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