This is the latest installation from Lin Morris favourite We Make Carpets – a Dutch design collective who make carpets out of a diverse range of materials – see more in our previous post about them here. This particular installation features decorative cocktail sticks arranged into a classic Persian carpet design. Read the rest of this entry »

There were a number of designers creating new composites from waste materials this year at Milan, and these ceramics made from porcelain waste by Kirstie van Noort are a great example of this trend. Part of a wider exhibition by Dutch Invertuals called Untouchables Retouched, Kirstie’s textured ceramics are the result of an investigation into the production process of porcelain. Read the rest of this entry »

Dutch designer Ineke Hans has designed a new collection of chairs and desks made from laser cut wood and rectangular metal tubing. Simple but smart, the backs of the Swing chairs are fitted with a hinge element that creates a flexible support for the back, while the Wing desks feature a deep storage compartment that can be used for growing plants or storing books and magazines.

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Dutch designer Jólan van der Wiel has invented a magnet machine that produces stools made from a specially designed magnetic plastic material. The magnetic fields created by the machine pull on the plastic, creating bizarre organic forms that resemble stalagmites rising from the floor. The shape of each stool depends upon the position and force of the magnets used, so each design is unique.

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