Last year we featured the beautiful 6:1 ceramics collection by talented Dutch ceramicist Kirstie van Noort - a collection of interestingly-textured tableware made from porcelain waste.

This year, Kirstie has launched a new book called Ceramic Paint | Collection Cornwall, that tells the story of how Kirstie came to create a collection of ceramic paint inspired by Cornwall, England.ceramicpaint_book8

Made using 12 raw materials sourced from the porcelain, tin and copper industries in Cornwall, the paints are suitable for colouring stoneware, earthenware and porcelain.


The book tracks the origin and history of the raw materials used to make the paint and explores the diversity of possible applications.


Kirstie explains, “Up until the nineties people in Cornwall depended on the mines for their livelihood. Copper, tin, silver, lead and many other metals were extracted here. Today, only the porcelain industry is still active. The landscape is filled with the remains of these mines.”


The final collection is made up of 108 colors inspired by the richness of the landscape and raw materials.


Ceramic paint | Collection Cornwall by Kirstie van Noort features 104 full colour pages. Paperback versions are now available to buy for 47,50 EURO. For orders and enquiries email info@kirstievannoort.com 

ceramicpaint_book ceramicpaint_book2

- A.Morris


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