This interestingly-textured chair was part of an exhibition we saw last month at London Design Festival by The American Hardwood Export Council, British furniture brand Benchmark and the Royal College of Art. To create the Well Proven chair, Marjan van Aubel and James Shaw have invented a new composite material that combines wood shavings with bio-resin.

When mixed together with coloured dye, the shavings and the resin form a strong but lightweight foam which can be molded into shape. The foaming material is applied by hand to the mold, expanding and rising up to create unpredictable bulbous forms around the chair’s turned ash legs. The result is a striking visual contrast and a strong internal joint.

The design was the result of a brief set by American Hardwood for the RCA students, who were asked to make a chair from wood that explored the life-cycle of timber products. The development of Marjan and James’ Well Proven chair all began with the discovery that creating wooden furniture and products generates between 50-80% of waste in the form of sawdust, chippings and shavings.

The chair is still a work in progress but in the meantime the duo have created an interesting making of video to document the process so far.

- A.Morris

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