“Places have different ingredients, skills and needs that create a recipe for vernacular design. This vernacular becomes a local identity.” This was the starting point for young designer Jeff Lambert’s Places project that has resulted in a smart collection of home accessories made from different types of brick.

Each piece in the collection is made from a different clay sample collected from a specific location in the UK. Together the objects create a miniature skyline of buildings from across England that, through their appearance and functions, each tell a story about their origin.

For instance the Candlestick holder is made from a Yorkshire brick. In Yorkshire the brick making industry was a by-product of the coal mining industry during soil excavation. Therefore bricks from this area contain coal, which gives them a dark colour. The design itself resembles a factory – the candle creates a chimney, matches are stored on the sloped roof and struck on the rough sand blasted front.

The set also includes a paper weight, book ends, coasters, a bee house and door stop. They come packaged in a ply box with screen printed graphics and a set of postcards that explain the project. Information about where the brick comes from, brick type, function and ingredients are laser cut into each piece.

The project was exhibited earlier this month as part of the Kingston University exhibition at New Designers in London.

- A.Morris

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