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The clean lines, yet surprising details from new Swedish furniture brand Snickeriet (Swedish for The Carpentry) has caught my eye. Snickeriet is both a commission-based carpentry and furniture brand with in-house production. Karl-Johan Hjerling, creative director and designer, says “As a designer you look for someone who can realize your work. As a cabinetmaker you look for challenging tasks beyond your comfort zone. Snickeriet is a platform at the intersection point, where everything from idea to production is in our own hands. We can let every idea develop as direct as possible, and work with solutions that would have been rejected by most other furniture producers.”

All production is hand made by acknowledged cabinetmakers, Gunnar Dahl and Karolina Stenfelt. Karolina was awarded “Journeyman of the Year” in 2011, and together they have worked with clients such as TAF Architects, Byredo perfumes, and Note Design. Designers Karl Johan Hjerling and Karin Wallenbeck are creative directors and the designers behind the pieces in the collection. Karl Johan and Karin have previously worked for clients such as Acne, Svenskt Tenn, and been awarded by Elle Interiör.


- J.Lin


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