We asked our first Limited Edition designer, Rory Panagotopulos, for some of his favorite skateboarding objects and his list doesn’t stray too far from home. All three items are either in daily use or well worn regulars.

Jimmy McDonald eS x 5boro shoe
“These sneakers are great, they are durable and they look awesome. They tread the line between ‘casual’ and ‘I look like an adult when I wear them to work.’”

Watts helmet by Bern
“It is nearly impossible to find a helmet that looks good. This one looks good, and it works for all my “moving fast” activities that require head protection.”

Disposable: a history of skateboard art by Sean Cliver
“Disposable is a coffee table book that I have read cover to cover. It is a great first hand account of the history of skateboard art. Also the actual skateboard designs shown in the book are unbelievably plentiful and impeccably well presented.”

- J.Lin


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