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© P&T. Photography by Ludger Paffrath

As a tea drinker myself, I am glad to see a new speciality store that’s giving tea the same artisanal treatment that coffee seems to have been enjoying in recent years. The newly opened P & T store in Berlin (standing for Paper and Tea) is a veritable paradise for tea connoisseurs. Not only does the store sell a wide selection of speciality teas and brewing tools, but they also stock a carefully chosen selection of paper goods too.

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© P&T. Photography by Ludger Paffrath

From gift and greeting cards to notebooks and wrapping paper, P & T aims to offer their customers a lifestyle experience. The store is the brainchild of Canadian creative Jens de Gruyter who worked with product designer Fabian von Ferrari to create the minimalist and carefully ordered interior.

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© P&T. Photography by Ludger Paffrath

Teas are displayed like museum exhibits organized in sliding drawers and ordered by degree of oxidation. Texts are set alongside each tea detailing their origin and flavour, as P & T explain, “Product presentation is designed for easy orientation and an interesting personal path of discovery.”

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© P&T. Photography by Ludger Paffrath

Tea seminars and specialised tea tastings take place in an adjacent tasting room. If you are not heading to Berlin anytime soon you will be pleased to know that you can also find P & T’s beautiful tea, accessories and paper in their online store.

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© P&T. Photography by Ludger Paffrath

Find Paper & Tea at Bleibtreustrasse 4, 10623, Berlin

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© P&T. Photography by Ludger Paffrath

- A.Morris


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