Often regarded as a twee remnant of chintzy nineties decor (well, to me anyway), it’s fair to say that pot pourri isn’t usually associated with good design. However, scent-enthusiast and event organiser Odette Toilette hopes to change this perception with the launch of her first pot pourri, Blend #1.

Described as a ’luscious and mysterious concoction of cured plants, flowers & spices for scenting your home’, Pot Pourri Blend #1 is handmade by Darasina Perfume using ingredients grown in English gardens, and available in a limited supply of 250 pots.

Amazingly, each pot contains over two litres of macerated rose petals. This heart is surrounded by invigorating aromatics including lemon verbena, mint, Russian coriander, bay, sweet marjoram and cured lemon peel. Resins of benzoin, storax and tonka bean bring warmth and comfort.


The pot pourri is contained within a midnight-black clay pot, which has been hand-made in an artisinal pottery near York.

Here is some additional information from Odette Toilette about the scent: “Blend #1 is inspired by the pot pourri recipes of the Bloomsbury Set, who were just as keen on the olfactory arts as they were on writing books and living dangerously. With over twenty ingredients preserved over months to intensify their innate fragrances, this blend is for those after a true olfactory adventure. It is homely, sophisticated, and utterly unusual.”

- A.Morris



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