I spotted this beautiful jacquard at the always impressive Maharam showroom this week during NeoCon 2012. In collaboration with Antwerp-based Studio Job, the American textile brand showcased Farm and Farm Stripe, depicting traditional farmland scenery in a complex woven jacquard construction. This complementary pair of dense, narrative patterns is an ode to rural heritage. Using a flattened perspective, Farm presents an assemblage of livestock, crops, implements, and rural transport, while Farm Stripe features repeating ribbons of farm iconography— pitchforks, apples, split-rail fences, sheaths of wheat, and life-sized horseflies all make appearances.


- J.Lin


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  1. Filomena Granja Says:

    Very farm-living :) I like it so much! It makes me very relaxing, I love the calm of country living and these carpets reminded me that.

    BRABBU is also inspired my nature, but in a different prespective.
    It is used and transmitted the power of nature. Take a look http://www.brabbu.com/rugs/ excellent work!

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