Film and Photography

This month’s Limited Edition designer, Rory Panagotopulos has an eye for animation. Among many other short, funny animations that can be found on his website Gum Drops Go, his most recent work is this hilarious animated horror story about a trip on the subway gone terribly awry. The piece was created for the Upright Citizens Brigade theater show Animated Stories hosted and produced by Todd Bieber. The true story is written and told by Anthony Atamanuik.

Silestone Slab Vases by Form Us With Love for Cosentino. Don’t you just love seeing a design, wondering how it was made, and then finding a great behind-the-scenes piece that answers your questions? We do too… (hint hint hint hint).

Here’s another great making of video, this time of Faceture by Phil Cuttance.The vases are handmade faceted vessels that are produced individually by casting a water-based resin into a mold, which is then manipulated to create a unique form before each casting. Cuttance says of the process: “The mould’s final shape, and strength, is dictated by which triangular facets I pop in and out. I do this each time I ready the mould for the next object, meaning that no two castings are the same.” This is a captivating example of a device used to make an object being just as beautiful and thoughtfully designed as the object itself.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a rather wonderful product in our shop. The aluminum Trekker Kelly Kettle is a highly efficient, beautifully designed, outdoor kettle that boils water within 3 to 5 minutes. Something of an Irish icon, it has been an essential piece of camping equipment for Irish fishermen for generations.

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