It’s always nice to find something like this series of photos by Swedish photographer Petter Johansson in your email inbox. This colorful still life composition was created for ’Atelier Food‘ – a collaboration between international top chef Stefan Eriksson and leading figures from the fields of communication, science, culture and business.


Here is a little more about the project from Petter:

“Food is an important part of many future challenges. Atelier Food links food with sustainability, energy, culture, urban development and transportation. The project also links chefs with artists, designers, scientists and business developers. Together they seek global solutions and innovation through cooking, food labs and discussions. Atelier Food is represented by its on-going workshops and as a restaurant based in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden.


The Atelier Food still life is built on a grid. The still life represents the work of Atelier Food and the connection between food and society. It links the playfulness and creativity within the project with the ambitious goals and long-term challenges. In the spirit of the whole Atelier Food project, it is also a creative co-operation between a chef, one art director and one photographer.


Petter Johansson Art Direction And Design (PJADAD) is a small experimental studio working in the fields of communication, strategy and design. The studio employs one AD, one copywriter and one graphic designer. We like to see our customers as partners and strive to build, develop or maintain their brands.”

- A.Morris


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