The wonderful Spanish rug company nanimarquina sent us a sneak peak and some process photos of its upcoming introduction to debut in Milan this month. Chillida is based on the artwork of Eduardo Chillida (1924-2002). nanimarquina has created a collection based on a chronological selection of his work, from Figura Humana 1948, through Dibujo Tinta 1957, to Collage 1966 that reflects the process prior to his most famous sculpture, the Peine del Viento in San Sebastián.  It also includes two pictures of his famous hands from the 90s, and Gravitación, 1993 and 1994, where he creates a new form of relief, sculpture made of paper.  All of this work has been accurately translated into the rugs. All are handmade using various techniques and different materials like wool, silk and mohair, to give texture and show the essence of his work.

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Metal Fuzz by
Study O Portable

March 26th, 2012 Posted In:

Metal Fuzz, bronze, brass, aluminium, ceramic resin. Courtesy of Gallery FUMI, UK 2012

Following on from their colourful series of ceramic resin Fuzz bowls launched in 2010, London based design duo Study O Portable have introduced a metal version of the same design called Metal Fuzz. Instead of the layers of ceramic resin that were used to build the original Fuzz bowls, thin layers of aluminum and brass are applied on to a spherical core, gradually forming a sphere with a textured bronze exterior. It’s only when the sphere is cut open that it’s carefully constructed layers are revealed. Read the rest of this entry »

This month’s Limited Edition designer, Rory Panagotopulos has an eye for animation. Among many other short, funny animations that can be found on his website Gum Drops Go, his most recent work is this hilarious animated horror story about a trip on the subway gone terribly awry. The piece was created for the Upright Citizens Brigade theater show Animated Stories hosted and produced by Todd Bieber. The true story is written and told by Anthony Atamanuik.

Rory Panagotopulos is an illustrator and animator living in New York City with very close ties to Lin Morris: He follows Ali on Twitter, and he is also my boyfriend. After studying graphic design at Connecticut College, Rory decided he would put his love of art and design to good use by trying to make people laugh. His work as a comedic writer, performer and animator has been seen at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York City, MTV, and

We are so excited to introduce Rory as our very first Limited Edition designer. His Pop Skateboard Decks are delicious and we’re in love. Too much information? Or not quite enough? Read on for our Q&A with Rory, which covers his Lin Morris design, his favorite drawing subjects and his skills as a skater.

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